Al Barry. From Hip-Hop Radio Star to the FDNY. Inside the North Tower Collapse. Flavor Flav visits the Firehouse. Frankie Makes Sunday Sauce.

  • Posted: 11 Feb 2022

Content Warning: This episode contains graphic content.

Welcome back to the hottest podcast in America, literally. Hosted by FDNY Hero and renowned advocate for firefighters, Rob Serra.

Every firehouse has a character. That one guy that always has a joke, a perfectly timed wisecrack… you know the guy. Maybe you are that guy. This episode we’ve got a real character. A guy that actually was a character, Al Barry. He was a producer and radio personality for years on New York’s legendary Hot 97 (WQHT) hip-hop station before giving it up to become a firefighter.

It’s a different path, and it’s a path that took him straight to the heart of September 11th. His squad had reached the 22nd floor of the North Tower when they got the Mayday call to evacuate — that there was danger of imminent collapse — reaching the street just as the building began to collapse. It’s a hard but necessary look back at that horrible day and the time immediately following. It’s as real as it gets. And you can only get it here.

Never forget isn’t just a hashtag here. If you’re one of America’s Firefighters, a first responder, or the family or a friend of one, this is your new home.

And speaking of home (and of characters) Rob’s daughter Frankie is back to whip up a big batch of Assistant daddy’s (Rob) famous Sunday Sauce! It’s her favorite. It’s our favorite. And pretty soon it will be yours too.

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